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  • Are you looking for a reliable partner to transport your goods at home and abroad?
  • Do you need a partner that provides fast and accurate international shipping?
  • Want to work with a partner who has many years of experience?
  • Appreciate accuracy and safety in the transport of your goods?
 You are in the right place – Vectum d.o.o.! With us, your cargo is always safe and will arrive in time to its destination!

Benefits for drivers

Employees with its many years of experience guarantee professionalism, safety, efficacy and flexibility.

Benefits for cargo

Freight transportation can be exposed to many threats by nature or by bureaucratic obstacles. During transport your cargo is safe because it is protected by insurance and by the experience of our employees.

Transport insurance

In addition to accuracy and professionalism we also guarantee the security of cargo and all involved parties because our service is protected by insurance by company asko Assekuranzmakler GmbH in AT-6334 Schwoich.


About us

Company Vectum is on the market since 2008. From the very beginning we are a reliable company that provides a safe, professional and efficient freight transport. We operate in the EU and other European countries where we , as a reliable and efficient company acquired, a number of regular customers. We employ experienced operators of services that speak German, English, Croatian and Serbian.


The unification of the European Economic Area and EU political integration has resolted in increased transport. The movement of goods from outside the EU is complex and demanding as it is limited by numerous regulations and political and cultural differences where we as a Slovenian company have a great advantage due to the fact that our company originates from a country considered the most economically advanced easteren european country and was part of a major EU enlargement in 2004. As a Slovenian company we have greater access to markets in the Balkans, particularly in the area of the former Yugoslavia. Thus, we have in addition to professionalism, accuracy, reliability, insurance, freight and excellent team the advantage in transporting and setting up services between destinations in the EU Member States and European countries that are not yet members of the EU.


Making our customers happy has become a tradition in our company. We want you to become a part of this tradition too and join the group of satisfied customers.


Aleksander Jakobčič, manager

Vectum d.o.o.,
Kočevarjeva ul. 1,
8000 Novo mesto – Slovenija,
Tel.: +386 7 337 4 680,
Fax: +386 7 337 4 680,
Mob.: +386 40 190 501
e-mail: vectum@telemach.net